The Georgia Legislature completed its first week with four days in session, some bills being introduced, The State of the State Message from Governor Kemp, and an emerging look at the priorities of Speaker Ralston for legislation that will come from The Georgia House.

There were a number of bills introduced and assigned to committees. The Chair of the committee to which bills are assigned will make a decision as to whether or not a bill will receive a hearing and whether or not a vote will be cast by the committee members on a “do pass“ recommendation.

It should be noted that many bills that are introduced will not receive a hearing. Some will receive a “hearing only” without giving the committee members the opportunity to cast a vote to pass it out of the committee with a “do pass” recommendation

One of the bills introduced is House Bill 888, which prohibits the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Georgia Schools. I strongly oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory and I enthusiastically cosigned that bill.

Governor Kemp delivered his State of the State address to a joint session of The General Assembly with State-Wide Constitutional Officers and Members of The Georgia Supreme Court present.

In his address, he reviewed the challenges his administration has faced and his record of dealing with those challenges. He also outlined some priorities in his proposed 2023 budget which includes completing his pledge for a $5,000 pay increase for Georgia teachers. He also proposes pay increases for other employees of our education system and raises for other state employees.

In terms of legislation, Governor Kemp will support legislation that prohibits the teaching of Critical Race Theory and legislation that promotes what is known as “Constitutional Carry” which makes it easier for Georgians to carry a gun. I support “Constitutional Carry “ legislation also.

Speaker of the House, David Ralston, has outlined his priorities for this session. He has made mental health and public safety priorities. Crime is a serious problem across Georgia and better mental health treatment and strengthening public safety is important for Georgia’s families and for a good business climate in Georgia.

The Speaker has also expressed support for “Constitutional Carry “legislation as well as the need to allow Georgians to vote on a Constitutional Amendment that would allow an expansion of gambling in Georgia.

In closing, the process of reapportionment for local officeholders will be done during this session. Members of the current Monroe County delegation are working with local officials to develop new maps and the needed legislation to create the new districts that will be in place the next ten years.

I am honored to serve in The Georgia House of Representatives and want to hear from you on any issues of concern or if I can assist you with any problem. Please email me at or call my office in Atlanta.

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